Keep the Risks Low

Wealthview strives to minimize risk at every turn and we do this in two ways. First in planning: Investors often take more risk than is necessary to achieve their goals. Our objective planning process creates a pathway for our clients to achieve their goals with a reasonable probability of success yet without the addition of unnecessary risk. This is unique in our industry and is a concept foreign to many investors and financial advisors. Second in portfolio management: We structure our portfolios to reduce risk. We do this through broad diversification and periodic re-balancing. This reduces excess volatility and lowers the risk of permanent capital loss associated with concentrated positions. 

And the Costs Lower

The financial services industry is divided into what we like to call "buyers" and "sellers", with many advisors looking to sell you various products to earn commissions or fees. We believe that to work in your best interest there can be no conflicts of interest and no ulterior motives, which is why we charge a flat annual fee for our work. We strive to keep costs as low as possible so your money remains your money.

Make Your Money Work for You

We believe that wealth is just a means to an end. We work hard on the front end with our clients to identify their goals --whether that's paying for college for their kids or retiring in their dream lodge in the Smokies-- and then keep them constantly involved along the way. Helping you accomplish your dreams is our main focus.

Use Our Experience to Pursue Your Vision

We take our client relationships very seriously and consider our jobs as advisors and stewards a calling. Our team has over 30 years experience managing clients' assets, from helping them save for their first house to leaving a legacy for their family. We are here to help you, any time of day. We understand that life can often throw curveballs. We're here to make sure that those curveballs don't effect you or your family's financial security so that you can get on with the business of living.