Our first duty is and always will be to you.

As independent, fee-only advisors we work in the sole interest of our clients. This is an important distinction in a constantly confusing landscape of financial products and services. We do not sell anything and we do not receive commissions from transactions. We do not accept gifts, trips or any other incentives from product vendors or anyone else. We are only compensated by you, and therefore our duty is only to you. We make sure whatever securities purchased for your account are the absolute best fit for your situation. As a Registered Investment Advisor we are held to the highest standard of care in the financial services industry- a fiduciary standard.

We are focused on goals, not products and performance.

We believe success should be measured by your ability to attain your goals, not by performance relative to some impersonal market index. This contrasts with an industry obsessed with pushing products and relative performance. Performance waxes and wanes but progress toward your goals should be consistent and measurable. Remember you can't eat relative performance.

We are fee only and cost conscious.

As fee-only advisors we avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial services industry that arise when compensation can influence advice. Since costs can act as a deterrent to success, we strive to keep our client's total costs fully transparent and as low as reasonably possible.

We embrace technology and make it work for you. But we're all about the old fashioned sit-down too.

Our firm has dedicated significant resources to leverage the convenience and power of a globalized, connected world to increase your access to timely and secure information about your portfolio and your plan. All investors need to know what they own, why they own it and how they are doing. We put the answers to those questions at our clients' fingertips with innovative, real-time, web-based tools. And, of course, we're also always here. Our recently expanded offices are open and available to you. We expect our clients to hold us accountable for knowing how they are doing and invite them to drop in at any time, online or in-person.

We are one team working together for you.

Every member of the Wealthview team is working toward one goal - yours. We don't compete against each other, and instead, we use our collective experience and expertise to assess your plan and manage your portfolio. Simply stated, we have all hands on deck to increase the probability of your success.